Are lessons worth taking? I have been playing bass for 3-4 months now by myself and I have noticed some improvements. Advice? Yes/no? Maybe?
If you get a good teacher, the lessons will be amazingly beneficial! If you get a bad teacher, they may actually hinder and deter you.
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I always recommend lessons. I taught myself for a year or two, took lessons for 3 years and came so much further than I ever would have without them.
that is true, its completly up to u. if u have a fond knowledge and ur playing fine, u probably wont need lessons, but if ur stuck, or dont no where to start, or want to further ur learning and get the most out of music then try a few lessons

Edit: i teach (hehe)
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i think its essentilal that one has guitar lessons, and im pretty sure bass takes the same need
I feel that not taking lessons for bass really hindered my progress, as I wasn't able to tackle more advanced techniques. Ultimatelly, I think it's why I got fed up with bass, bought a really nice guitar and am about to take lessons for that.

Then again, i'm like that... I can sour myself on an entire experience if I invest a substantial amount of time and don't see myself improving vastly. Music is such a huge part of my life, and I intend on doing it right with guitar. At the very least, i'll find out if lessons are for me or not.
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