I can move around and look alright on stage but my facial expression just stays the same. its well annoying, i dont know how you will help but do you have any tips?
Yeah, Don't try to make faces of anything.. I agree with Martindecorum, you'll be more relaxed the more shows you do.
Just pull your head up and smile randomly at people
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Watch Steve Vai play live! His guitar faces are priceless!
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
Ive played live quite a few times though!! But yeah i wont force it, sometimes i look around and smile at my friends butttt after after songs i get fed up and go all blank faced again!
NO vodka makes me instantly sick!

Yeah i had a bad night/morning involving vodka and now i dont touch it.

Once before a gig i had a pint of carlsberg (what was i thinking, tastes like crap) and i couldnt even play properly.

So ill leave alcohol alone!
Yeah youre right im gunna have to do it more in practice so its not so daunting on stage! good tip!
well when i perform i use this cream that keeps it nice and stiff for a while..... oh wait.... music.

well get into it. smile while you're playing heavy sh!t, it makes people wonder. or if thats not what you play just enjoy yourself and make sure the audience can tell. move to the music even if its a crappy little white boy dance. interact with your other band members and the audience if possible.