flashback when i was six,
I used to play with you after school
I ran back home just to fetch you
Behind my bedroom cupboard door
you were there, always there..

In the park we used to play with the windy sun,
you were soaring up high in the sky
I'd hold on to you
with this thin line I trust
Never knowing it will break someday
just like any other promises

yesterday in 96,
concrete walls rise up in the park
i couldnt play with you no more
I'd kill time with something new
I tried to hold on to you
But the feeling fades away
just like any other love

Now I've grown up
I miss those days when we were free
I drove back home just to get away from it all
behind the vintage cupboard wall
you were there, dusty there

But I dont feel it anymore
I lost interest in you and cant reasoned why
I couldn't hold on to you
The wind's too strong it broke the line
I'm sorry I'm not what I used to be
i guess time had changed

I'm sorry Time had chnged me
i'm not who I used to be
I guess evryone grows up someday
And realise we had to let go
I'm sorry
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