Is there a way of making a device that can enable you to bi-amp (send the treble and parts of the frequencies to different cabs) any amp? I was pondering over something involving a capacitor that i don't think would have worked, anyone got any ideas?
You could split the signal from your guitar and eq whatever frequencies you want on one channels and the others on the other channel.
the way id do it is to run the signal into a box, split it so it goes into two buffers (id use op amps). then each section runs through a filter (one low pass, one high pass) so it separates the lows and highs. then each into another buffer (to prevent amp input from loading down the filter) and to an output jack. it would be easy enough to do with a resistor and capactitor for each filter, or use a pot to tune it.
cool, i had an idea of running the signal through 2 eq pedals and adjusting their settings accordingly, would this work?