Definately needs loads of clearin up to do!!! Theres way too much "Fuzzzz" and bring up the bass!
That recording almost made my ears bleed... I liked the music though. You'll probably want to record a much cleaner version.
Adjust the levels properly...you're too hot on most all your tracks. Also, there's a weird high-pitched whine on the right side...I don't know how that got there.
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thank you sooooooo much for the advice Fast_Fingers...i would hug you if i could...i looooove you!

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Recording Guitar Amps 101

Right before you start recording, play each of the instruments one at a time, the loudest they will be in the song. If it goes into the red on your recording software (or mixer or whatever), turn it down and/or use compression.

I think you have a good song going there, but you'll want to clean up and separate the instruments (on the "soundstage" by panning left-right).

The solo was good from what I could tell - way to avoid just going up and down scales straight or using the same note lengths!

I think the ending of the song sounds a little more like a breakdown. The end came suddenly.

Yeah and it does seem a little high-mid-heavy... what were you using to listen to it when you mixed it? Nice to use something with a nice full range (like studio monitors or speakers w/ a sub.)
If I did it, this is how I did it.
I used a really crap mic, then i also used that 40 dollar light snake cable, but it tracks really bad, so its hard to make timing right. And to top it all, I am not that good with recording software.

Im planning on getting a boss br600. Will that help?
Yeah man.

You're on a good track. Once you've got all of the rhythm part figured out, try recording it one instrument at a time. Break it off into sections so if/when you make mistakes you can just restart the section.

Let us know how it goes!
If I did it, this is how I did it.
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I hear a lot of timing issues to begin with...

Its the tracking. It makes timing a pain in the ass since you never know what to expect. The sound comes out like a second after I play it, and makes it all really tricky. Im getting a new recorder soon because of that. It makes it nearly impossible to keep timing. In person the timing is not like that.
sounds good but i would work at getting everything cleaned up good
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I agree, so far so good! I like how you switched the feeling of the song here and there so suddenly, keeps the song "fresh" and stops it from getting stale