i need a good overdrive pedal preferably under $100

im kinda into boss pedals...so im either thinking one of their overdrive pedals or the other choice i have is the digitech bad monkey. but id rather have boss because im also getting the boss chromatic tuner.

just trying to get a few opinions
Just because you have a boss chromatic tuner doesn't mean you need a boss overdrive... Personally, I love my Bad Monkey. I haven't heard the greatest things about boss pedals, although I don't have much experience with them personally. I say look seriously into the Bad Monkey.
Ibanez TS-9DX is a great pedal, i think it might be about 95, not certain. That or the vanilla TS-9 is good too.
look into the BOSS OS-2, it suits me well
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I love the Boss OD-3. Really nice tone.
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