Just jotted this up, I'll come back to fix it up if I can. Crit for crit as usual!

hey ____
just droppin' a line an' seein how things are going an all
I heard ya still with jordan? that's pretty good going.
I hav'ent found anyone yet but I dunno if I care,
but bleh, that's just me I guess.

I was goin through my emails the other day
and I saw your name, actually.

you wrote me reams of which I completely
forgot about, you know? reminds me back
in the day when you and me were like
brother and sister

remember robyn?
probably donn't.

I helped her with loads of crap and stuff
back when I was at school and all that.
she helped me when my grandad died too.

anyway, I saw her when I was working last nigh.
I grabbed that sense of connection
like we used to
which I hadn't felt in so long, even
if it wasn't that long.

it was odd, you know?
and finding those old letters brought me back
quite awhile, just like when I saw robyn. and I was looking through
old photographs of us when we were younger;
before I wasted my time drinking pints down the pub
and before I found myself with these
priorities I have today.

ahh, curse those priorities.
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