Hey Guys! Just letting you know we just got Marshall Hats (as well as Iron Maiden, Lamb of God , etc.) in this week that we will only have for a limited time and we're selling them cheap!

go here to take a look: ROCKWORLDEAST

I'm afraid this is technically against the rules:
Quote by UtBDan

Rule #2: No advertising... kinda.
No advertising if your site doesn't sell anything. No advertising if the only thing you come on here to do is advertise. But if you've made 600 posts and you made a thread about this luthier business your starting up, that's not really being detrimental to the community. That's pretty much just making a decent thread in the gear forum. But if you do it without making posts about any other thing, I will have to assume you are using UG for you moneymaking schemes and don't actually give a crap about this community.

So, *reported*
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