Hey, Ive been on UG for awhile but am just starting gettin into the forums.. Ive been playin guitar for a few years now, and lately have been taking the time to practice more and am impoving. I have a really good friend (who unfortunately doesnt live near me, or id just have him show me) who is an awesome guitarist and he can do all these techniques, he is real good with sweep picking, doing squeels, all that stuff and. Now i bought my guitar and kidna taught myself and never really had any musci background and i cant read i guess u would call it "real music". SO now that im done blabbering on, do any of you know any good places or sites that i could check out that could help with things like...

SCales, Sweep picking, harmonics.. all that good stuff?! i woudl definitely appreciate it.
if your up for a challenge then check out some of kristopher dahls shred lessons on UGtv
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How long have you been playing? Because honestly, no one can do sweeps etc within their first couple of months. Stick with chords and scales for now, as well as learning how to get a clean tone from your guitar through good technique. Sweeps etc are hard to achieve, and should imo not even be considered by the average beginner guitarist until they have practiced for at least 9 months.
Ive been playing for about 5 years or so.. throughout high school and stuff i got good at playing chords and stuff and now that i have more free time outside of school to sit down and play the thing ive been gettin better at leads and such...

any other ideas for scales, better soloing.. that kinda stuff?? I appreciate it so far..