Poll: do you wear a watch?
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67 40%
Yes, i wear it on my right hand
18 11%
Yes, i wear it on my left hand
57 34%
Yes, i wear it somewhere else
2 1%
LOL wut!!!@##$!!!
4 2%
i have an ear!
18 11%
Voters: 167.
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do you wear a watch .. i always need to wear one. i constantly check the time !

i feel so lost with out a watch. and which hand do you wear it on ?
i wear mine on the right,but i am right handed... some people find that odd..
where the hell else can you wear a watch....?
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where the hell else can you wear a watch....?

eh nurses attach them to their shirts...
Hell yes.

Hoorah for watches!
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i wear mine on my belt loop because i too do not like having anything on my wrists.
I wear one when I remember, and I have a smart/expensive looking watch for when I go out.
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I've been meaning to buy a watch for about four years now and I haven't got around to it. I am very lazy.
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I always wear mine but I take it off while in school because it feels weird writing with it on (left handed.)
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I used my watch until some bitch broke it.. Now it's in switzerland getting repaired. =[
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i use my celly when i need the time.... it's more liberty for your hands....

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Why wouldn't you?

EDIT: Although Pocket watches are what I use. Nice and easy.
I don't wear a watch, but I also have an ear..... Which to vote for?
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I wear my watch on my right hand, but I'm right handed. I used to wear a watch on my left hand, and a spiked bracelet on my right, but I switched once I noticed what the spikes were doing to the schools guitar. School never found out tho, so it's all good. Leather doesn't damage guitars.
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I used to, on my left hand, and i tuse to check the time constantly! Planning my day hour by hour. Then i broke.................now i feel so muh more relaxed and actually waste less time! shocking!
I'd rather spend my money on a nice shirt, jacket or pair of trabs than a watch. I'd just forget to wear it anyway.
I can be punished at work if I"m caught without one, there's even a phone number we have to call to have our time precise.
Yes, I do, and I have been for about three years now. Same watch. Seriously, a kick ass watch is classy.

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No, gets in the way when I play guitar...

How in the hell can a watch get in the way when playing guitar? Are you retarded?
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yes but only because it has sentimental value.
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do you wear a watch .. i always need to wear one. i constantly check the time !

i feel so lost with out a watch. and which hand do you wear it on ?
i wear mine on the right,but i am right handed... some people find that odd..

Nice. I'm a righty and wear it on my right hand too.
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I don't very often, but when I do it goes on my right hand. Not a clue why, it just does.
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I generally do wear watches, on my left wrist. However, my friend/I knocked out my front tooth (the fake part of itm it was knocked out years ago) with my watch while I was wearing it, so I haven't worn a watch since then (i.e., a few months).
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I do have an expensive watch, I just never wear it cause it annoys me. My phone screensaver is a clock though, which is handy
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Yes. I wear it on my right. I don't understand the male conventional rules that they're supposed to wear it on the left. I'm right handed and I find it strange wearing it on my left so it sits on my right.
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