Hi everyone, i´d like your input on the Intro song for my band.

Its a mix of power/prog/symphonic metal. Hope you like it


It isn´t the final version, some stuff is going to be chaned, and an ending must be made.

Just wanted to know if im on the right track


EDIT - To hear the mix better you can listen to the mp3 at www.myspace.com/danielrodrigues (first song)
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nice i like it be sure to put more tracks up and compleated version

P.S. could have got dressed couldn't you?
I could, but i had woken up probably 10 minutes before taping that, and i was gonna sit on my ass all day... so why bother :P
It's not bad but when I do intro tracks or hear other intro tracks, theyre never anything like that.

The ones I usually make are string-heavy, have some synth in them, and usually a quote or someone speaking. I like what you had, I just think theres too much going on for an intro track.

I always followed the route that an intro track should start out slow or calm and build up to a big ending where you then come in.

Once again, I'm not knocking you and I do enjoy it, just offering my opinion.
Yeah its gonna have a quote from a portuguese poem, so it´l sound epic for foreigners :p on the slow part, on the faster picking part there wont be

Thanks for your input
I liked it. Myspace version was even better.
One little thing though, I would make it so its not quite as long. The guitar part gets a little repetitive and if you do want to keep it that long I would add a quick little solo part. Maybe some quick sweeps or scorch or something of that nature.


I enjoyed it, I am now going to listen to the rest of the songs you have up.


The guitar part, the speedy part, is going to be changed a little
I´ve talked to my keyboardist and we agreed that this would be a song instead of an intro.

I think we can make most of it that way.