Lets say one dy your mom or dad tells you that they adopted you..
how would you feel.. would your go search for your real parents?

My sister(who is 6 yrs old) is adopted by the way.. i wonder hoe she would feel when she finds out.. she was adopted from china, where couples are only allowed to have one child, and most of them want sons. as a result many daughters are put up for adoption,abandoned or aborted..
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I'd be pretty crushed actually (obviously).

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You're on a thread-making roll, petrina.

I'd be pretty crushed actually (obviously).

lol thanks..

but i think its terrible that there are SO many unwanted daughters in 3rd world countries
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I don't think i'd care


Would explain a lot of things though
I would be happy.

I wouldnt be my fathers son.

The day I find out my dad isnt my real dad I ll be the happiest man alive.
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I wouldn't care. I couldn't care less about my parents really.
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Frankly, I'd be surprised. If my nose didn't come from my mother, then I'd suspect I was actually the son of Sam the Eagle from the Muppets. But honestly, I look too much like father for me to be adopted.
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I wouldn't care I know who my mum is, no matter who my biological mother is. My mum is the woman that raised me and loved me.

Then again, I'm a dead ringer for both my mum AND my father. I'd find it ridiculously hard to believe I was adopted.
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I would be happy.

I wouldnt be my fathers son.

The day I find out my dad isnt my real dad I ll be the happiest man alive.

same here-- only for my mother..
I AM adopted, but my parents did the SENSIBLE thing and have always told me. Anyone who doesn't tell their kids that they're adopted are complete idiots.
Because I know where I came from, and I've always known that I'm adopted, I don't want to find my 'real' (I prefer to use the term biological as he hasn't done anything for me but bring me to this world) Dad (I know my mother incase you hadn't guessed).
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I wouldn't mind, I'd probably love my parents more for it.

A friend of mine is adopted, and his parents told him (Not 'lulzwe ain't ur real parents lololo no one loves you'), told him quite young. He says he appreciates them more for it. *shrug*
I always think in that situation it should be talked about openly, so that the child is brought up knowing, instead of sitting them down when they're 15 and forcing them to question everything.

I'd be pretty upset and feel lied to. I'm sure I'd deal with it though.

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I'd be happy someone was kind enough to adopt me, then I'd use it as an excuse for a cross-country road trip to find my parents... Right.


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my thoughts exactly lol.
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I'd be happy, actually. Learning that I am really not the spawn of the creature otherwise known as my mother would make my life a whole lot better. I probably would go searching for my biological parents, but just to meet them. I wouldn't be after a relasionship at all; I'd just want some closure. I'd figure out who they were and what their reasons for giving me up were, but nothing beyond that.
It's unlikely, though. I look too much like both of my parents to have been adopted.
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I would be happy.

I wouldnt be my fathers son.

The day I find out my dad isnt my real dad I ll be the happiest man alive.

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Wouldn't be fussed.
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I wouldn't mind unless my parents blatantly loved their biological children more.
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I would be happy that my parents took me and they love me as if I was their own child.
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I wouldn't mind, but would be annoyed at the fact they had waited so long to tell me. My little cousins are adopted (in fact the process is fully complete after eight months on Wednesday - very excited!) and it's not a taboo subject with any of us like it is with some families. We all talk about how the process is going, they meet up with families who were adopting at the same time, my aunt and uncle answer their questions (the questions toddlers ask), and it's really the best way to deal with it. Personally I think that not telling your child until they're an adult is a bit cruel.
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I probably dont mind , but knowing me I would certainley search up my parents or the envirement where they live in...

I want to know what I have missed ( or maybe to see that I am better of as an adoption kid )
Its hard to put myself in the situation
Initially shock...but that'd be over once I realised that they brought me up as their own child.
Probably eventually more gratitude than shock or anger or sadness
I'd laugh at first, because I laugh at pretty much anything :/. I'd be curious to find out who my biological parents are, which would be an interesting adventure
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I'd thank them.....

I think adopting a child is one of the greatest things a person can do for another person.
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