so i have a problem. i have an ibanez s470 with stock neck and middle pickups aswell a guitarheads active humbucker(emg 81 alternative). i bought it used, and the only working pickup at that moment was the bridge one. so i soldered the others with the standart scheme(http://www.ibanez.com/support/wiring/2007/W070011.gif), but without volume and tone, so the signal goes into the output straight. and they do work now. the problem now, is that the middle and neck pickups are like low-signal pickups, pinch harmonics are poor as hell, almost not heard. the strange thing is, that all of the pickups have the same volume on distortion(i am using a boss mt-2 btw), but when im using clean, the bridge humbucker is far louder than the others. i didnt hear the infs before, but they are like high output pickups, as far as i know. so is it a wiring mistake or the actual sound of the pickups?

PS: sorry for my english.
PS: the stock pickups are inf1, infs1.
PS: i would post a example of the sound, but i dont know any host to put it.
ill try, but i think its the problem in the configuration, cos i dont think active and passives should work that easely without preamp or something.