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The Bir Project stuff is basically my solo stuff. It verges on a prog metal sort of vibe.
Relapse is my band, which is loosely grunge and more mainstream than The Bir Project.

The Bir Project - Arp - a ten minute tribute to Dream Theater, with references and 'references' to various Dream Theater songs.
The Bir Project - Super Massive Epic I - The starting minutes of a song that I'm currently writing. Once I get furthur on, I'll record more of this.

Relapse - Failure of a Star - Something written mostly by our singer (but I take credit for the intro). This is the second song that we've recorded and a favourite amongst many people.
Relapse - Sleazy - My personal favourite out of the Relapse stuff. Perhaps more melodic than Failure and more 'epic.

Tell me what you think. Will C4C
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Not really my thing, but I have to say that was very well put together. Production, playing, everything. Sounded like it coulda been a part of the Matrix soundtrack or something.
Relapse - Failure of a star
I really like this man, and Im only 20 seconds in. I think the guitar goes too quiet when the rhythm kicks in though, but thats down to the mixing... so not an issue, really. The vocals don't stand out enough, and I think the vocalist is going too low for his pitch, and he seems to be holding back. Although there are glimmers of good singing, I think he just needs to work on it a bit. I love the lead guitar part. Yeah... some good signs of talent here... the vocalist sounds good on the 'you could burn out tomorrow and not today', if you keep it more on that tone, if you get me?

Anyway, yeah I like it.


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Relapse- Failure for a Star

The intro is pretty cool, but you could definitely tighten it up if you plan on re-recording. My favorite part of the song was the solo, really smooth and sensual. The cut back to the riff was unexpected in a good way, and then the second solo was even sweeter. My one suggestion is for your drummer to up his game up a bit. He played some boring stuff all the way through. A full once in awhile wouldn't have hurt.

Sleezy has a really sweet intro, the clean guitar sound is really nice, Catchy chorus, I think the singer should sing a bit more like that then all soft in the verse. Overall its a good song, but the verse is a bit boring honestly. Another solid solo.

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sleezy: clean guitar riff was really good. very proffessional sounding. the drums were pretty cool but they could have been louder. vocals need to come up too. i could barely hear them. the chorus lyrics were a bit cheesy, but overall a very good effort.

nice solo haha.
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Hmm... I don't like the singer/singing to much. maybe it is just that he is singing out of his pitch, but i didnt like the way the vocals sounded. everything else sounded good to me tohugh.

EDIT: this is for failure of a star
Love the guitar Future of a Star. Vocals definately sound like hes singing too low for his range, or maybe too high. Maybe he has a sore throat, who knows. The guitar is real good, but the vox leave something to be desired, but I think they have potential.

Keep it up.
I really like Super Massive Epic. I think the transitions between the parts need to be a bit smoother. Maybe have a guitar repeating the same thing and the other one switches parts...then they both join in. It just sounds like you're almost starting a new song when the parts change in my opinion.

Very good though!
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Failure of a Star was tight. Harmonizing guitars is my ****. Reminds me of Rush, big time. Didn't like the vocals too much. Sounds too punk, the vocals and the music don't really belong together. Seperately, good tracks. Together, not my thing. Nice job though.
I'll crit "arp" on the Bir Project:

Very nice sounding clean guitar, I like this intro alot. When the drums came into the beat it was amazing. I think it sounds great, the quality is good and it is well put together. Nice breakdown at 2:00 I liked it when the clean guitar came in. I think it would have sounded better if you went straight into the other riff afterwards though because the main riff could get kinda repetitive. Lovin the solo, it really got me going! That backing riff is badass, I think you should have had more of that. Overall an excellent effort, nicely done!

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Wow, I can tell you have a wide range of influences. I really liked the melody at 4:05. The song is long but the changes in temp and solos kept me listening. Everything sounded really tight and the tone was really good.

Very epic feeling intro, leads in well. The "chorus" chording is quite catchy. Drums are well done, I'm glad they stay really background though... any louder and they could have really ruined things. The clean tone is fantastic. Your background riffing is much more impressive than anything else in this one... very solid and honestly shows a great feel for rhythm and melody which is typically absent in the type of music you are playing here. The solo is quite impressive too... but I much prefered the background chording to that... Both are good, I just thought the solo was fairly standard for the genre. The pace slowing after the solo just seemed awkward. I'd have preferred you to just jump to the quick stumming riff right away.

It is starting to feel a bit repetitive though. Need something more over the verse/chorus riffs... some sort of catchy little lead you can throw in every couple of bars to give it some sort of hook. Not a solo or lead "guitar vocals" but just a little hook.

All in all quite an enjoyable listen.

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Arp is awesome, sounds like it came straight out of a dream theater album (get ya glass prison out lol) love every bit of that song... and how did Arp not cut it as a band song???
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and how did Arp not cut it as a band song???

It was never intended to be a 'band song'. But then again I've never really put it forward to the band yet. Who knows, it maybe a new relapse song.
Wow, arp is an awesome song man, recording quality is really good, did you use a drum machine/program? And yeh it does sound very dream theater like, wich is sweet. Add some vocals and that'd be even better. Nice rythm changes also.

super massive epic: kind of boring sorry, add some nice leads to that and vocals/ drums.

Failure of a star: Not bad, don't like the vocals, and not really my style of music..

Sleezy : I like this one more.. but again i don't really like the vocals, very simple song.

Really digging that first song though. Good stuff
Listened to Arp. Really great recording, not really my style but some great playing. Who's playing the drums on that track? Good work.
great sounding band youve got there, all the instruments fit really well together, cant find any fault with the guitar playing and drums which both sounded great, as stated above i think the singer could improve a little, he does seem to be holding back a bit.
Great guitar solo's btw.
The only one I like of any of them is sleazy, but then the distorted guitar came in and wasn't very inventive and made drove me a way a bit. Then the vocals came in and you rhymed "body" with "body" and I turned it off.
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Relapse-Failure of a star......kinda weak brother. Like the riffing is solid, but uncreative. Vocals are somewhat painful. You guys dont suck by any means, but if you want to be serious take time out of your day to work on creativity over chops. Thats just my opinion.

Sleazy-This intro sounds so much more promising. Ok now that the distortion is fully kicked, i gotta say right back to the last song. This song is much better though! Like with really good production and a killer singer this is a hit. I hear alot of potential in this, but i kinda hate this style. Ok solo time......and........yah loved that man. **** yah. This should be the first song on your myspace what are you thinking heh. Chorus is catchy for sure, but total cornball. 2nd solo time..........not on par with the first but by no means bad.

I give the first tune a 5/10 and the second a 7/10. All i gotta say is dont try to please the masses, do what you want to do...and what you want to do sounds quite different and better judging by your solo efforts on bir project
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The Bir Project - arp

Very good rhythm guitar in the beginning gets a bit repetitive later on, clean stuff was boring to me but it's probably a stylistic thing. The solo at 5:00 was fine but was lacking in quality phrasing.

The best part came at 6:20 good lead-wah phrasing actually the song got a lot better at that point and I like the transition at 7:30. The solo 8:30 was ok, but suffers from the same issues as 5:00 solo.

Because of the length of the songs there were a lot of good stuff but almost equal amount of so-so stuff overall though pretty good.
wow. pretty amazing stuff u got here man. really enjoying the dream theatre tributes, amazing guitar work.

some issues wih the sounds levels but of course that just comes down to the quality of the mixing.

overall, some very good stuff here well done!