I have an offer to purchase a line 6 axsys 212 for $150. Do you think that that is a good deal? What do you think of the line 6 axsys amps? I heard that they can be upgraded to AX2?

My current amp is a spider II and trust me I cant wait to get rid of it but I want to make sure that it is a step up.

Please advise, thank you,
I really just need something to last me for awhile till I can afford a tube amp. This amp is such a good deal though that I could sell my spider amp to pay for it. So max budget 300.
ive never tryed one but to br honest i think it will be fairly similar to your spider. I think you would be happier saving up some more cash for the next few weeks/months then getting a tube amp, be better in the long run aswell as you could still sell the tube amp for a fair amount the comtinue to buy better ones.

Or could you not try the line 6 thing out first before you buy it?
I can try the line 6 thing but Its a drive out there that I will be taking soon. I am just hopeing that someone has experience with one. Everything I have seen is that its $1000 but that was ten years ago. Its a modeling amp, 100 watts 2x celestion speakers. My spider II is 30 watt and one speaker. Seems like a good trade up right?
whoah i remember those old things!

just keep in mind a spider in 1999 also cost roughly $600

i remember being pretty impressed by the axsys, but that was a looong time ago.

you'll need to try it out first for sure.
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