I've been playing for over 3 years and now I'm plain fed up of looking at tabs that are 'supposedly intermediate/advanced' and they turn out to be easy. Chemical romance, blink 182... shut up you newbs.

I can play cavatina (deer hunter theme) , and am currently working on angelina (tommy emmanuel)... but i am looking for some other guitar tunes that i can play on acoustic.

I really dont want people to say anything by megadeth or mettallica cos that is not my kind of music,...

Please could you make suggestions of advanced pieces i could play on acoustic, fingerstyle. I like cavatina and angelina so that kind off gives an example of what i am looking for, thank you.
randy Rhoads - Dee, it may be listed under ozzy osbourne as it was on his record but only randy is playing on it and he wrote it. It isn't metal, it's a classical peice he wrote for his mother. Beautiful fun intermediate piece.
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try Charlie Daniels Band "Caballo Diablo" its got some crazy guitar in it that i think you could play acoustic
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