some of the oldtimers might remember me...but i'm back from a 65er in the fotb, with new music.

crit for crit of course.

so check out this new, heavier me, on spiderwebs

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Hey dude

heres my crit: First thing I noticed was the sweet bass line. I can definitely hear the Tool-Maynard influence which is cool because even though it is a bit similar to something they would write he put a but of an original edge to it. My favorite part is definitely the drumming. Just totally loving it. The weird delayed snare bas drum thing is just so good. Your voice sounds strong. My one suggestion is to maybe maybe the guitar a bit louder. Maybe make it a but more dynamic with something a bit more dominant in the chorus. But overall just a really solid song. The song real shows your vocal abilities, keep it up.

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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
I really like this. it has a grungy feel to it, also before I make a start on Spiderwebs, and I'd like to point out how much I love 'when I loved you', its so good. Anyway...

I like your vocals... and the drums work really well. The backing vocals arent over done in the verses. And solo screams before the choruses are brilliant. The chorus reminds of Pearl Jam... very grungy. Really good. Really, really good. The guitar solo between the chorus and 2nd verse isn't over done... perfect length. You've done a good job here, man.

Well done, man. This is brilliant. I think the vocals in the chorus need to be turned down at some points, however. But thats a pretty futile criticism.

Nice one.


Crit mine?
yeah, when i loved you is one of my favorites...did you notice that crazy ass time sig in the verse?

thanks guys. i think i've gotten you.
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the bass really makes the groove in the beginning, really cool and unique feel here, very bouncy and the snare hits are very well placed

the vocals really fit with the feel of the song

i like the backing vocals too, the dah dahs

and the wails actually sound really really good, reminds me of sting

good rock inflection on the vocals in the chorus

the whole song has a very anxious melancholy feel to it which is very hard to achieve and executed very believably

crit mine please?

thanks man....that song took a while for me to right, which is weird, because i can normally pop one out in a day or so.
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Very Tool-esque.

Would have been great if the guitar were brought up more. Otherwise this is great. One of the best I've heard on this site. Not much else I can comment on.

Here's my stuff if you wanna listen;
i really thought the guitar was loud enough...huh. maybe it's just that the chorus vocals are too loud? input please?
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Yeah i think the guitar sounds a bit quiet, and it sounds quite bassy on my speakers.
I only thought the chorus vocals are only a tiny bit too loud. It's nothing major though i thought the vocals were fantastic throughout (along with the rest of it )
Dude this is definately right up my ally man, wow. One of the better things Ive heard that's as independant as you are for awhile. The verses are pure genius...nothing i can complain about in the least. Like i dont want to blow your head up or anything though heh...so i guess i wont and will move on to my criticisms. The guitar tone on the chorus is kinda icky, and the chorus melody doesnt QUITE deliver what the verses promise. Also bridge is just a little boring. Still the sound you have is excellent. THOUGH I would say stick with the When I Loved You sound, as it makes you original. You may come off as a maynard ripoff with songs like spiderwebs. BUT on an album, one song like that is perfectly fine and quite awesome. Your music reminds me a bit of porcupine tree and the new minus the bear record with a touch of maynard, i really dig it man. Plus nice time sigs, something ive been really into lately.

Ill give this song a 8.5/10 and when i loved you a 9/10 as with great production it would be alt radio ready.

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What a killer.
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I like the bass. Has a Muse kindof feel to it, with the bass and the vocals. Mix of Muse and Dream Theater. The tone of your guitar could be a lot better. Sounds really shallow and quiet, like you're using a really ****ty amp with no oomph. I'd say less shape, more bass on the rhythm track.
what should i work on as far as eq and such on the distorted tone?
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Great stuff man!! It's Funky and the quality of the recordings are killer. It's you on all instruments right? Checked out 3 tunes. I'll give the rest a listen tonite when I have a bit more time. Nice job. Sorry I didnt crit it before but I've been super busy today.

thanks man. i'm on guitar, bass, keybord, and vocals. i would do the drums, but i don't have a kit.

thanks man, i was just curious if you would get around to it...sometimes people forget/.
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Thanks for the crit.

First of all, I think the vocals are the best thing about the song. Well done. I would probably bring the guitar a bit up in the mix in the chorus. The drums are well programmed but I'm not a massive fan of the snare sound. Not the type of music I usually listen to but pretty impressive anyway.
Sorry I missed your crit. Ill crit as I listen


Very spacey. Very Tool-ish mixed with a little something else I cant quite figure out. I can hear some of your influences, definately Tool in there though. Vocals are a little too backed off, but still good. You sing pretty much in key, but theres some spots where I feel you could have stayed better in -- maybe you were going for the effect though so... I like the chorus alot, I like the pause because it builds a TON of suspense. Something I could definately see myself listening to.
thanks for the crit....were there any specific spots were i was out of key? i'd like to fix them...
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