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Welcome to the S&L "First Piece" Project thread!

As you all know, we have a few old pieces that some S&L members have contributed.
We will be presenting 3 pieces at a time, for the viewing benefit of everyone.

No critiques are needed, just have fun checking these out. Comments are welcome!

The Unknown / Fate_of_Mind

The fear of death is something that we all face
The fear is something that we must embrace
There is no heaven reach up to
There is no hell below us
The only thing that awaits us is six feet underground
Where neither of those can be found.

Some people wonder why we rely
On fairytales and fables,
It's because death is all we know
And the only thing we fear...
Is the unknown.


Listening / Auals

You said that I could listen
But there’s no need to talk
Everyone is screaming loud
It’s time to pop the cork
Coz summer time is here again
The time that you saw me
Drunk under the table
Singin’ karaoke
And you say you love to sing it
When it’s on the radio
And even though we sound like sh
This is not a pipe

Soliloquy to the past / xArCaDiAx

Im sitting here writing books, using ink withdrawn from your veins
My chapters include false intentions, with words that begin to fade

Still frames of pictures showcasing desires of masochistic dreams
Today I martyr my life for the last time, for causes that you
Insist have prevented you from claiming the throne, but if you
Linger quietly I shall not hear you, and if you solve problems by
Lying to me as I look straight into your eyes, just tear them out

While we lay on this field of dead intentions, smoking cigarettes
Aiding in your death,while I drink to life, you choke on smoke
Instinctivley, and I whisper words that cant be spoken, your throat
Turns black and disintegrates into crystal fragments, lost to you
I would give you mine but I must not because, your genocide has
Nullified my wishes, so Ill ask you to slit my throat for the last time
Goodbye is the last word that I cry, as the blood of love clots up

Finding treasure from the X, I dig a grave that I view from in the
Opaque nights, which get reflected upon panes of glass that I
Requested be shattered so I would have to never see you again

You wanted this, for me to commandeer a lost ship in the middle
Of a whirpool of jealousy, and as I sink in my Titanic skin, frozen
Undoubtely by the loss of you, but Im still waiting for your voice


I wish just once... / ZanasCross

You bash my head, against a wall
We start to stumble, we start to fall.
We’re drunk again, as we start to fight
And we both know, this fight will last all night.

I wish just once that you could see,
That I want you, and you want me
I wish just once, we’d find a way
We’d find the words to say and…

Then we could stop these silly fights,
Walk hand in hand into the light
I know everything will be alright,
If we just try.

I wish just once that you could see
That I want you, and you want me
I wish just once we’d find a way,
That I could find the words to say.

*guitar interlude*

You bash my head against the wall,
We start to stumble we start to fall,
We’re drunk again, but it’s alright
This night won’t end in another fight

It’s time I told you, the truth
I’m tired of fighting hand and tooth
I thought once, we’d find away
*just vocal*But now we split and I say

*guitar starts again*

I wish just once that you could see,
That I want you, and you want me
I wish just once, we’d find a way
We’d find the words to say

*guitar plays as song fades out*


From The Depths of Despair / theWallofYAWN

wake; watch; dream
sleep; live; die
die and go to hell
sleep and live in spell

waking with no hope
with this dream, i can cope
nothing left in their reality
my dream succumbs to fatality

get some sleep to live in Utopia
feel my emotions, i ****ing love ya
slept with the bud, slept with the bed
its only a spell, return to the dead

watching in a loop
stuck in a reverie
die to dream again
as i dream to die again


Untitled / themarsvolta

No more questions
No more lies
No more evil thoughts
In my mind

I've closed my eyes
For so long
Not sure what's right
Not sure what's wrong
You infest
I'm worthless
You manipulate
And I'm starting to hate
The way you're treating me
You're a disease
Just like cancer
Wish I had the answer
Wish you would just die...

Let me live my life.


I – Divergence / scoucertommy

Down these
Dull, dark paths behind
Homes trudge pilgrim excurs'd.
Wretched, we veer in a twilight,
Plying torrent, and skirting slough.
Where stark, bare branches pierce
Deep-grey sea, oblique and austere, they
Pay neither tribute nor heed to the
Obsidian oppressor - bleeding both
Day and Night until they cohere.
This wintry silhouette sits futile;
Askew against its ethereal lead envelope.
By, across, through this
Convoluted incursion -
"Here I am".


Defiance / 911

A wise old man once said to me,
‘Be careful who you trust.
I’m warning you, be wary son,
Trust no one if you must.’

Being young and being foolish,
To this advice I did abstain,
Though in time it came to haunt me,
And riddle me with shame.

And so the story shall begin,
One of lies, revenge, deceit,
One that surely by the end,
Will leave you harrowed in your seat

I’ll tell it like I saw it,
I’ll make it nice and clear,
The suffering you put me through
So that everyone can hear.

And I’ll continue to defy you, ‘til I run you to the ground,
When upon one fateful day the shallow king will lose his crown
You’ll take your filthy henchmen, and you’ll head on out of here,
You’ll know I wasn’t joking when I said the end was near.

My thoughts were disregarded,
My opinions obsolete.
You made it oh-so obvious –
Yet you thought you were discreet.

Don’t try to redeem yourself,
Don’t try that **** on me.
You’re just as bad as the rest of them
Don’t try to disagree

I’ve continued to defy you, now I’ve run you to the ground
Upon this fateful day the shallow king will lose his crown.
So take your ****ing henchmen, and head on out of here,
I swore I wasn’t joking when I said the end was near

In these vein attempts to stop me,
You forgot one minor part;
You took away my legs,
But you left me with my heart.


"Park Slope and Me" / stellar_legs

It starts when
you see me staring down from my apartment.
It's the one's who sleep three hours a night
that bring the best life to the party.
It's the kids who shoot up schools that have
it all figured out.
It's David Bowie who pretty much not sucked.

I don't want you to change who you are.
Just change who you're with.
We light up like freaky-fright nights, baby,
You're the Hall to my Oates.
The Whale to my Squid, honey.
It doesn't get any better than this, so I'll
go ahead and put my hand over your eyes.

We're on display.
Frozen in a fighting position.
The Fightin' 37th!
For every awkward boy and every red-head skirt
to see us, and revel in the reality
of our goddamn situation.
Divorce is painful sweetums, so make it hurt best you can.

I don't want you to change who you are.
Just change who you're with.
We'll tab out this song and when the anti-phillistines
read the lyrics, they'll sum it up with one word.


The Bottle / nightraven

How do I love you?
I do not understand
Withering your life away
By the bottle in your hand
Darling on the inside
Devil on the out
Purge your addiction
I doubt

Now that you’ve passed away
My devotion remains strong
Yet my despair
Will last ever long

How I love you I will never understand
So I turn to the bottle in my hand


Unadulatory Vertigo / pixiesfanyo

Sipping on coronas
Tanning your fickle skin
The queen of diamonds
Protruding from within

Imitated innovations
Stapled across your forehead
Blemished understandings
Laminated in cherry red

Crows everywhere are equally black
Paper can't wrap up a fire.
You're just plankton envying
The ocean that is your supplier

Tasteless fragment
Promises, "breath assured"
Charming abortifacient
Complimentarily insured

Intricate highlights
Scarred into strands
Symmetrical cheeks
Crafted with surgical hands

Crows everywhere are equally black
Paper can't wrap up a fire.
You're just plankton envying
The ocean that is your supplier

We are all just plankton
Envying the ocean which holds us…


Up From Here / rush4life

Outta the blue
And onto the scene
We're here to rock
If ya know what I mean.
Gettin' by on,
Whatever we find
Gonna keep on rolling
To the end of the line.

We started goin' and we'll never stop,
Until we find our way to the very top.
We know where to go,
Yeah the path is clear,
We're only going up from here.

We aren't doctors
But we're here to revive.
Keepin' the spirit
Of rock and roll alive.
We're here to rock,
Yeah I'll say it again,
We got nothing to lose,
Everything to gain.

We're here to play
At the top of our game
Gonna spread the word,
Gonna make our name
If you don't like it,
You know where to go,
To everyone else
Enjoy the ****in' show!

This is not a pipe
*Old pieces that were displayed will be edited in*

Show Me / JosephBerger

If A Hero Could Show
What I Needed To Know
Where a Needed To Go
I'd Find A Way To Flow
Look at Me
Tell Me What You see
Is It Something I Can't be?
I Guess I'll Just Pay My Damn Fee
If a hero could guide us all,
Pick us up from this crawl,
Be our support like a wall
And help us not to fall
If Somebody Could Remember
What The Hell Happened in December
The Question Was Where And When
But that’s What We Thought Then
Some people hide
from those to their side
Acting like they lied
Forgetting them like they died
Pretend Not To Frown,
Eventually You Will Break Down
You'll Hit The Ground
And Never Be found


You my friend / lexieangel

your words, they make me smile
your heart, has a special style
your hug, it makes me feel warm inside
your my ears, that let me confide

I couldn’t ask for a better friend then you
hove never known someone so true
are friendship should always last
future present and past

your thoughts, they leave me wondering
your beauty, leaves me day dreaming
your kindness, is so pure
your dreams they mean so much more

your dance, is so fun to watch
your love, has set you so very free
your mind is an amazing place
your one, one of a kind
so proud to have a friend like you


The Comatose & the Maniacal / Something_Vague

As I swing in the distance,
Taking your beauty for granite
I'm the metaphorical dream catcher,
The only one who can save you;
And as the hours pass us by and turn stagnant
The cold mist that turns to ice on your lips
Your breath is frozen in the air as you gasp;
As you drift to a place you go every night
The nightmares of a girl, dreams of a madman;
I say my last good bye, once is already too many...
They are getting worse, you're realizing
What's outside your windows is the world...

Those eyes, they burn with sapphire and when they close,
I can see the sky on your twitching eyelids;
Observing that aura of blue fade to dark palette gray.
The colors of the night are turning to dawn, blue to yellow,
So I'll catch those haunting melodies sooner or later.
Simplicity for the sake of it, rain is just water;
Thus, war it rages on, in modern day tempest,
You gotta watch for the past, because it'll pass you by
Until your eyes well up in your fears, your pillows
Soaked in tears, if only the children knew the truth.
And those awkward silences you place between your cries
They're ear shattering in volume..

The horrors of a girl are far greater than any army;
So as you lay on a tattered bed, exposed to the cold
I'll sing you a lullaby to sooth those thoughts away;
I repeat it over again in my head, as you lay on my bed,
I'll sing you to back sleep, from one evil to another.
Though sooner or later the crimes are gonna catch up with me,
And all my fighting is damned, and as I bend to a smile one last time,
Only to sit and Watch the victory slowly enfold to a climatic defeat;
A hideous car crash of epic proportions;
The jaws-of-life can't even save you now..

Though as heartless as it seems, you're never waking up
I'll never let you wake up, after what I've seen,
So who do you love and who do you trust, it is simple;
I'm too selfish to deny your answer, but you’re sleeping...
This is maniacal and mad, but I'm in love;
You're comatose and defeated,
I'm in denial and conceded,
Don’t hate me, because I lost for you
Your nightmares mean nothing here,
I want you to speak of innocence like once before;
Before you woke up and saw the world...

No, please, please don't wake up; I'm Afraid of what you'll find....


Breaking a Promise That I Kept So Long / circular.parade

What's wrong with trying to make you feel great
I'm so sorry if you thought that smile looked fake
I know you feel like you can't take this anymore
Drop your head next to mine
and let's spend the next few days motionless
I'd die for her though I know that she could kill me
Our differences has never been this much the same
I thought I would had lost the count
when this thing would be eight months old
I wish I had so bad now
That this is it
But yet it's not over
I'm still hanging onto your heart
Oh won't you take mine
that stone fits so well in your hand
My eyes are closed
and I'm pressing so hard
My nails are full of blood
as I'm chocking you up

I wish I had told you earlier
You would have known what you should
You wouldn't have had acted the same way
And I wouldn't lay at your feet today

Addicted and broken now I know
That I'll have to cut my arm off to let you go.


Untitled / Confusius

This is the story of a cursor
Which can go from word to word,
And although it just skipped a line
Its purpose is not absurd.

This cursor is the father,
Father of many words.
These words are the mothers
Of the stories of the world.

This poem is the daughter
Of a teenage boredom burst
Now it’s got eleven lines
And the cursor shall mark its


Sometimes I Don’t Give A… / Jammydude44

Sometimes I just don't give two ****s
Fat arse, no legs or even small tits
I really don't care if the girls wanna frolic
Or if your uncles an alcoholic
Imminent nuclear war situation
World peace, politics, tax fluctuations
I really don't care if they got shot of the pound
Just pump up the volum and rock to the sound

Sometimes I just don't give a toss
Exercise, diet, and dental floss
I really hope that the US invades
It can clear up the mess it's already made
Red light women got their own red light town
And the pimps that rent them will never go down
Drugs death ****e I just don't care about
Just pump up the volum and sing and shout

I wanna leave I wanna go I wanna cry
Away from here
I wanna leave I wanna go I wanna cry
Away from here
I can't go to bed or I'll lie awake and I fear the voices that my mind can make
People keep saying It'll be alright but I know for sure I won't last the night

Sometimes I just don't give a damn
Iraq, Iran, not even Saddam
I couldn't care less if your out of range
Or if your second cousins mum is getting engaged
Be green stay clean keep using sunscreen
Secrets of power hidden under a smokescreen
I don't wanna know if you've picked truth or dare
Just pump up the volume let the words fill the air

I wanna leave I wanna go I wanna cry
Away from here
I wanna leave I wanna go I wanna cry
Away from here
I can't go to bed or I'll lie awake and I fear the voices that my mind can make
People keep saying It'll be alright but I know for sure I won't last the night

I don't know what's your problem
With me being myself
I don't know if you've got them
But I sure hope you have

I wanna leave I wanna go I wanna cry
Away from here
I wanna leave I wanna go I wanna cry
Away from here
I can't go to bed or I'll lie awake and I fear the voices that my mind can make
People keep saying It'll be alright but I know for sure I won't last the night

I don't know what's your problem
With me being myself
I don't know if you've got them
But I sure hope you have


My Last Breath / #1 synth

I don't care where I'm going but I'm by myself
The world is behind me
I'm covered in tears
But no one cares
And where i'm going it hardly seems clear
And I wish more than anything that you were here

They say the world is your oyester
That is nothing but lies
The world keeps turning
But I'm left behind
My life is gone
But others are born
My legend lives on
But if no one believes than the legend is gone

Yet no one can catch me now
I'm falling
Spiraling downward
I am now silenced
My life unfurled
My tapestry unraveled

Come to me
Devour me


The Feti of Flora / bassbeat77

I wanted to bring love
back into my life,
So I put myself on
a rosebud diet
so that my words
would come out
as potpourri
when diction failed me.
Now I feast
on the feti
of flora

I wanted to bring you
back into my life,
So I began
to eat the rose stems
so that the thorns
would keep my
tongue in check
when patience failed me.
Now I
can hardly
feast at all


The Madness I’ve Become / carmel_l

"I started writing in English quite late, so hopefully it's not that bad. I also edited this into lyrics and composed a simple melody to it."

Clouds deform when winds are swift;
In front of me, your portrait drifts
Into this monstrous shape, that rapes
Your beauty into ugliness,
My joy then turns to misery,
And races me to slavery
Of mind, until it faces me;
The madness I've become.

I saw ten million grains of sand;
Yet still I knew which was the one
That toppled all the things I've won
Until my past turned into dust,
And everything I ever was
Every doubt that graced my flaws;
It was all gone.

And I am now amongst the cured,
With no possessions in my claim,
Now hoping for the rain to pour,
To wash me down; insane again.

This is not a pipe
Come to me
Devour me

, God I could have guessed that straight away if we weren't given names.

Steve how early on in your writing did you do that? I recognise it, I think.

Oh, and just so you can have a comment as well Carmel, i loved those opening four lines.

This thread will be ace.
There's a lot of aim at "poetic" style writing here, which will make mine all the more embarrassing. Steve's is really good for a first try.

Looking forward to more!
Carmel, I remember that piece! I'm sure you recorded it and sent it to me, and if it wasn't you, then I recorded it!
Yeah, I recorded it and it's on my profile

I'm not sure if it was one of the first ones I posted, but it is the first I dared at writing in English.

I'm amazed to see how Dylan and Steve2 are so advanced now in their writing, but I can still see the roots, which is really cool cause it means they're keeping themselves in the pieces...
This is not a pipe
Oh Dylan and Steve and Carmel...

I can definitely see the improvement and such. How Ive watched you all grow up

I feel sooo old (in board years)
Can You Fill In The Blanks?
Quote by #1 synth
eh, Jamie's written much worse.

Hey, it had kick-ass flow. Although it shows that I can't write a chrous for ****.

I quite like Kyrls.

Mat's is......... yeah.
Jamie's piece ain't to bad.
Quote by ottoavist

i suppose there's a chance
i'm just a litte too shallow to consider
that maybe i've been a little more eager
each day to wake up and take a shower
brush my teeth and smile for the mirror
You just called me some sort of crustacean Dylan?

And this was written a bit before I joined UG. I posted another thing or two before it, but this was the first I wrote. I thought it was cheesy back then and found fantasy stuff more exciting but meh. They're all pretty awful.
that one called "left behind" is awsome, its like so cool! 10/10 mate!
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Matt, remember when I used to help you along in your writing

Our 1v1 still remain tied <3.
Can You Fill In The Blanks?
jared's piece just screams mars volta.
"i'd give my soul to be where i was a year ago... if i had a soul left to give"
lol at the mars voltas.
he has improved tenfold.
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