So, I'm once again designing a guitar to build, and what I'm looking at is a double humbucker setup, with some kinks thrown in. What I want to know, if anyone knows, is what wiring in series and parralel does, and how it affects the sound, stuff like that. i mean, whats the difference? whats better for what?

Also, i cant spell, lol. Sorry.
Any and all info and or links to good info would be great
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series is how humbuckers are usually wired, so i would call it the standard humbucker sound.

paralell is still hum cancelling (unlike coil splitting) but its about a 30% drop in pickup output and it sounds a bit more strat like depending on the pickup.

I can't supply you with like the technical knowledge of how it works because i flunked science in 7th grade and never really understood it but that's kinda the basic of it.
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ive got a series/parallel push/pull pot on my guitar and serise sounds a bit more powerful, almost overdriven, but not. that with the reverse phase is a great tone. i went with http://www.guitarelectronics.com/product/WDUHH3T2204 that wiring setup and am more than pleased with who it came out. also have the single coil taps for each HB for a nice mix of tones when needed.