Was playing around with my mesa at practice today, and got some real nice tones (especially in drop tunings) but it was pretty loud before it really sounded best, which is obviously normal.
Unfortunatly its too loud to record in our studio for a long time (neighbours), i heard there are ways that you can drive your amp hard, while stopping it getting loud, or driving it harder with less volume?
What exactly are they and what specific one would be good to buy...
sorry cant afford that, less than £50 if they exist at that price would be ideal...
ok i might give that a go, however, will doing so leave you with a more flat, dead sound? Would be shame to loose the roomyness of the tone, which would be captured with a condenser mic..
Buy an Ibanez Tubescreamer, or a Boss Super Overdrive. Turn the level all the way up, but don't turn up the drive at all. It'll tighten up your sound, give you more saturation, and it'll sound more intense without colouring the amp too much.
that will just muffle your sound and wont work, i thought a volume pedal could saturatw the tubes mroe to make them sound better or was it a tube screamer?
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You can get a power attenuator (very expensive) or you can build a volume box using a 100k audio potentiometer that can go in your effects loop so you can crank the preamp and then lower the volume. It will however stop you from cranking the power amp which will ever so slightly be not as good as with both power and preamp cranked. Instructions are here http://www.fortunecity.com/marina/newland/2081/id3.htm it says for fender but will work with any amp. I use one and it works great for getting good natural distortion.
^That's what's known as a "crappy master volume."
You could pull two tubes and mismatch the impedance to start. That won't have as much effect as an attenuator, but it's free.
cheers for the suggestions, ill probably test/experiment how our sound insulation in the live room works, might be able to get away with it.