so basically was carrying guitar indoors after playin outside, strap locks failed and a few seconds later

Woods really exposed which is worrying me what should i do, i don't mind the look of it, just that the woods rough and i'm afraid it might wear off or something any ideas on how to seal it?
Nail varnish maybe?

btw still plays nice just knocked it outta tune, ESPs are bloody durable
try look at it from afar, if its really noticable then repair it, if not then leave it,
ask at local guitar shops for repairing tips cos i ent got a clue there sos
You got LUCKY

I will post pics of my failed straplock results....
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
I would use a little wood putty, should fill and patch it up nicely. A lacquer touch-up pen from Reranch should do the job finish-wise, and altho your headstock may look a bit damaged, and i emphasize the "a bit" part, itll be like its almost never happened.
sand then chip to make a smooth transition from the chipped part and the rest, then paint with high gloss drywall paint.

nail polish will work but wont last.
Before the paint drys make the paint as smooth to the wood as possible. It will be really hard to see then. I posted a picture of my white ibanez with gold pieces here that everyone here is liking. That guitar has a big chip around where the bridge is at, but it's nearly invisible after the sanding and process i explained above.