I'm looking to buy some type of handheld organizer but I need suggestions. I want something that starts up fairly quickly if I ever need to take down something while in a rush and I want to be able to check if I'm busy some day some time. I have no interest in MP3 players, games or even a colour screen, all I want is a calendar/notepad/address book with a touchscreen. I might end up going to ebay for that, my spending limit's $75.
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Doesn't this do everything you need?

Oh my god. That was just weird.
The whole of google images, and the same picture. I guess you searched "pen and paper"?
I would definately hit eBay. The only ones I can think of are by Blackberry, and are somewhat expensive, and have features you probably wont need or ever use.
Proabably not going to be able to get anything touch screen for 75 bucks. Just get a Clie from Sony, they do pretty much everything. The "e" has an accent on it, but I'm on a laptop so whatever.

EDIT: Or what buddy above me posted, that seems to do everything you want.