ive got a squire tele custom (2 dimarzio virtual paf's , 4 knobs jimmiy page wiring with serise, duel coil tap and reverse phase, and 3 way selector) and im thinking of getting a friend of mine to do an airbrush artwork on it, it sounds amazing, i love my other tele(fender, single coils) and i spent about $100 on the project and it plays and sounds like a dream and its a great compliment to the other. all my buddys who've played it now like it as much as or better than their guitars they(and me included) have spent $500 -$1500 on. the only thing i might do is either get it refretted or a new neck, and possibly a new bridge, but neither are really needed now. action and whatnot is about perfect, maybe one or 2 spots on the whole neck that could be a little better.

now i kinda wana make it "mine" im gonna have to sand down the clear coat to get a good stick, correct? if i do that though i run the risk of a) going through the black b) the black not looking good sanded down c) not taking enough of the clearcoat off and getting a bad finished product. im thinking of maybe going to the wood but unsure how finished agathis looks and i know its a solid body not plywood so im not too worried, and i can always repaint the whole thing or maybe a faded almost sunburst background. or do i not even have to worry if i just steel wool or fine grain sandpaper it up a little so its rough?

crappy cellphone picture of it attached... i think
black tele.jpg
Looks nice. You can tell by the way the light hits it if you have a clear coat on it. When the whole thing is dull and flat-looking, youll have gotten all the way through. Then sand it as if you were gonna refinish it, like maybe down to about a 2000 possibly, just to get all the scratches out.
ok thats kinda what i was thinking. im 99% sure it has a clear coat so if i just do get it down to 2000 grit sandpaper the airbrush work should stick fine and i'd be able to clearcoat over it to seal it in? am i gonna run into problems with possibly using different clearcoats and them not bonding well?
and im gonna not try and make is gaudy. my thought it ive got this cool scetch of a yard gnome i have that has fallen into my possession somehow i wanted to do that and possibly layers of paint over it to make it only really show through at certian angles, similar to how they do the chameleon paint jobs on cars but only a small image, not whole colors.