i plugged into it to use the tuner at guitar center.
played a riff, and it sounded pretty ****ty
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rlly but how bad it sounded and im gona be using it with a rp 350
so do u recomend me on saving up for a valveking 212 or a bandit 112?
thought it itll take up about 6 more months. and exactly what failed or was bad. And how good u think it considered agaainst my first act walmart amp
Looks like a successor to the GTX line. And those were TERRIBLE. Really, any Crate solid state is terrible.

If you still wanna go for the RP350, then you could pair it up with a Blackheart BH5-112. It's only about $80 more than that Crate, and it will give you indescribably better tone.
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on a scale from 1 to 10 how much better do u think the crate is better than a wal mart first act
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BTW the blackheart looks really small

A: It's not as small as it looks.

B: Since when did an amp's size mean ANYTHING? Maybe speaker size, but one 12" is plenty.

C: Like I said, it would be WORLDS better than the crate. If I can't convince you to get the Blackheart, please, for god's sake, don't get the Crate. It's terrible on every level possible. Probably wouldn't even be that much improvement over your First Act.
Heads will roll. Throats will be slit. Blood will flow like springs of water.
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what about peavy bandit 112

NOTHING is better than tube amps.

I also find it ironic that mafropetee is talking about better amps and he has a line 6 spider on hand.
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the bandit aint tube

its trans tube I know.

I just wanted to tell you that TUBES are the best not trans tubes.
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i plugged into it to use the tuner at guitar center.

ditto... although pod and gt8 did better IMO
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If it's of the same quality as my GTD15, definitely DO NOT get it... x_x
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i own a crate mx120r

all the 120 watt ss crates are all basically the same amp.

i hate mine

the distortion sounds like a buzz
uncontrollable feedback with gain 2 higher than 4
reverb unusable above 12 oclock due to the crazy buzz
the eq blows

only good things:
relativeely good loud to cheap ratio. wich is the original reason i baught one.

please, get something else.
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