Basically every time I connect my digital piano to the computer via USB the sound comes out crackling and squeaky.

Any ideas what the problem is....
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What are you using to connect it?

The USB cable which came with it. I've never used it until recently....
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try another USB cable. or its possibly your speakers?

I've tried another cable and also tried it with another piano, and the same thing happened.

Nothing wrong with the speakers either, I'm using them right now without problem...
Did you try every USB port? My friend was having similar trouble with an interface and anfter tons of tinkering he switched ports and it worked fine.
i had a similar problem with my roland td-3 (electronic drum set) and it turned out the cable from my computer to my speakers wasn't plugged in far enough.
It's probably just a cheap piece of crap. I've never seen any electronic instrument connect the audio signal to the computer through USB. It probably just has a really cheap audio interface built in.

Use a better audio interface and take the line out through that instead.
I couldn't help but laugh at the thread title. An electronic piano is a keyboard.
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I couldn't help but laugh at the thread title. An electronic piano is a keyboard.

Yeah, and half the noobs on the Pit would think of a computer keyboard.

PLus, I'm a musical elitist, the word keyboard is too 'common'
Check the latency settings on your software. Ask us at Riffs and Recordings too...your topic will be better located there (most stuff sinks in the Pit).
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