Ok, going up for sale (again) is:

1. A dean ZX guitar with a Seymour Duncan Invader pickup (professionaly installed) in the bridge position

2. a Zoom G2.1u guitar effects pedal

3. Coffin Case

All these products are in great condition, work like new, with normal wear and tear ( small, unavoidable scratches, not noticable unless you try to look for them )

If you would like one or all of these items, shoot me a price on this thread, or email me at


I do have a 100% Ebay account ( if that kind of stuff matters to you )
zoom pedal.jpg

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Well, there is no model number on the case that I can see, but i went to the website, and the one that looks almost exactly like it is the MODEL 200-B, keep in mind that the case I have is pretty large ( to fit odd shaped guitars )

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Well, I bought the case for 99 dollars, and took it outside maybe once... so around 80 would be nice. The only thing is, shipping would be a bitch (im assuming) unless someone lives in the Kearney Nebraska Area

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ok, to slap up some prices.

Guitar - 225
pedal -120
case -65

* prices do not include shipping and are negotiable *

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trades? I have a nice psp and ds lite, both of which I would trade for the dean.
Ty for the offer, but I need money for my photography hobby :P

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