Does anybody else have the same problem? The guitar I'm talking about is a Yamaha Pacifica of some sort, not sure of the serial and it's a piece of junk but I still play it nonetheless. It has a trem bridge but it's all rusted. I was wondering if there's an easy way to clean it up.
Always depends on how bad the rust is. I got a PoS strat at a flea market (since stripped for parts) that had a rusty bridge, and every screw was rusty too. It was just a light layer, so I soaked all the parts in lemon juice overnight and that cleared it up pretty well. If it's actually crusty/flakey then you'd do well to buy a new one. Vinegar is also said to work, though i've not tried it. Keep in mind that both of these can discolour the metal and add a patina, sorta dark grey colour though it can be black or barely noticeable depending on the composition of the steel.

If the rust is bad enough that the lemon juice/vinegar won't cut it, but it's still not ready for the scrap heap, get a soft/medium wire brush and give it a clean first.. also keep in mind that this'll screw any chances of it being lovely and smooth, but it'll take the rust off. After that, the vinegar or lemon juice should take care of anything left over.

PS: If the wire brush seems too harsh, steel wool will oft do the trick too.
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