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About 900-1000 miles.

Glasgow-Paris to see the Chilis.
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Londinium to see the almighty GazettE!
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I think it was at Manchester which is about 100 miles from where I live. No bands except local ones play near me and I hardly ever go on trips to go see them
3 hours, specifically for the show itself.

I've also seen shows in places I was traveling anyway so I'm not sure if that counts, but the furthest would be Montreal.
7 hours. Megadeth tour, and Lamb of God tour.

same place
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baltimore from dc? yeah thats not too far... i suck
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i toured to PLAY concerts if that counts. from NYC all the way to san fran, everywhere inbetween. we want to do it this summer again. other than that i went out to mr. smalls to see CoB
a few hundred miles across the Irish Sea for the Download Festival last year. Going again this year!

And i might travel to London to see MSI in july and see Thrice if they decide not to come to Ireland...
Going from Pennsylvania to Germany for Wacken this year

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I travel 3-4 hours for shows regularly, at least a couple times a month. I drove 5 hours (Salisbury, MD to NYC) to see Vai.
But, while on vacation in Florida, I saw Unearth and Atreyu, so that could count.
300 miles to DC to see The Violent Femmes with my ex.
We ended up missing them anyways D:

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Roughly 4 hours for Coheed&Cambria and Linkin Park. Best night of my life.
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I drove from Minneapolis to Alpine Valley in Wisconsin to see Queens Of The Stone Age and Rage Against The Machine....totally worth it. I mean, it was Rage...
5 hours.
in a cramped car.
at night.
to see system of a down, mars volta and bad acid trip...

It was well worth it.
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about 150 miles to see Queens of the Stone Age
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about 150 miles to see Queens of the Stone Age

good shout - I'd go as far as i could to see Josh Homme, the man is a legend
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i didnt exactly go "far" but i went somewhere dangerous. i went to inglewood to see iron maiden. (for those of you who don't know there is HUGE gang activity over there).i swear looking out the window was like, "liquor store, liquor store, gun store, liquor store, bail bonds, liquor store, gun store, church's chicken"
specifically for a concert: about 170 miles, which took about 3 hours. this was to see RATM in NYC.

but when i was in Myrtle Beach, SC i saw Sammy Hagar. thats like 560 miles or so. but it wasnt specifically for that concert.
From the Lerwick, Shetland isles to Helsingborg, Sweden to see John Fogerty for my dads 50th. which i think puts me in the lead
bung 'em into google earth and u'll see
3 hours to detroit a couple times before
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leeds to cambridge for jonathan richman. best gig ive ever been to- about 60 people there and he hardly even bothered with the microphones.

i was tempted to go to london last week to see him but couldnt afford it
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Leeds (England) to Hamburg (Germany) to see the Chili Peppers, was worth it.
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Wakefield (UK) to Sheffield (UK), so about a 1 hour journey. Done that 4 times now. When I'm a bit older I'll travel further.
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New Orleans to Dallas to see Rush last year... maybe going to see Yes there in August...
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Vancouver, BC to Wacken. I havent done it yet but I will this summer. Around 9500 Km I guess. 12 hr plane ride plus a few more on the train.
7 hours for Ozzfest for two years, 7 hours for Warped one year, and 7 hours for a Green Day concert. I lived in Key West so if I wanted to go to a concert it was a big deal to get there. Good thing I have parents that are into metal and going to concerts that were far away

After I moved to Jacksonville all the concerts turned into 20 minutes drives, so I haven't had to go anywhere far since then, aside from Bonnaroo '07, which was 15 hours.
Only about an hour and a half to two hours to see Nile. Yeah I know, thats not very far.
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Long Island to Manhattan so like 45 Minutes to queens and then like half an hour to queens so like an hour and ten minutes
about 300km to see ozzy in 2002

sorry i dont do miles
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