i love my Flextone II 2x12 but know that it is soon time to go for all-tube, but wow, i usually have it pretty low for bedroom use as to not piss of the parents, but no one was home today except me and i cranked it to like 3.5, & wow...it actually sounded like it matched what the people on my ipod were playing..usually it sounds crappy and im like man "SS amps suck"

probably pretty obvious why it sounded better: its a 100w amp which performs best at gig level, but WOW..i am pretty impressed...cant wait to get my Hellraiser to jam to some TDWP hah
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the funny thing is... once you try playing a real tube amp that loud, you'll probably cream your jeans and need to stop playing to change pants.

haha, most likely!

i look forward to it haha