So for this years 4th of july party my cousins and I are going to be the band...

Now I have a good studio setup including a Behringer KX1200 PA combo style amp...but I dont think 120W is loud enough, right?

We will be setup on the deck and playing out towards their huge back yard all day. I would like something good for guitar, vocals, bass, and drums.

I will be packing up my e-drums so I'll only need a set of channels for that.
Guitars and vocals will all be mono....So im looking for about 8 input channels.

So which is the best way to go as for a PA setup when trying to get the most for your money?

I have some SM57s and 58s as well as a headset mic for me on drums but I could use some more stands for mics...

I was thinking the B-52 Matrix-200 and I can always patch my Yamaha MG10/2 mixer into it as well if I need more inputs...which I probably will...

BTW my budget is $500 USD
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