Poll: Would you eat cloned meat?
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25 86%
4 14%
I don't eat meat at all
0 0%
Voters: 29.
So after watching a Boston Legal episode about the subject, I've gotten interested in the opinion of UG. Would you eat meat coming from a cloned cow, knowing it had come from a cloned cow?
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for sure, they could clone the cow that produces the best steaks resulting in more good steaks
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yes, if i had some steak sauce

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I'm pretty sure it would taste better, while keeping all the normal nutrients.

So yes.
we eat cloned vegetables all the time (ie, from cuttings), so why not cows?
meats meat. As long as it doesnt give me cancer I dont care.
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Meats meat. Yea sure, people are going to disagree with cloning just for the meat, but we breed animals to kill them!

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meats meat. As long as it doesnt give me cancer I dont care.

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I'm not entirely favorable of cloning.. but beef is beef, and I like a good cheeseburger


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But of course. They're essentially the same cow (the original and the clone), so if the cow it was cloned from was fit for consumption, I don't see how eating it's clone would be any different.
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