I'm thinking about getting an audio interface for my laptop. I've found two so far that interest me because they provide very low-latency effects processing that could possibly be used live. I'm looking at the Line 6 toneport interfaces (http://line6.com/toneportux1/), and the Novation nio 2|4 (http://www.novationmusic.com/products/audio_interfaces/nio_24/)

I wrote a huge block of text, but after I wrote it, it looked like the Line 6 is the obvious choice. I included the block of text in case anyone is interested. The real question is, is anyone using a Line 6 or other interface in their setup at all?

The Line 6 ones seem to be geared more towards recording, but if the latency is as low as they claim, they can probably be used live. I talked to Line 6 on the phone and asked them some bass-specific questions, and the answers were generally good. They said the computer models won't drop low end like the physical devices might, and their website seems to support that. It includes 5 bass amp models (while there are 16 guitar amp models), but the ones they provide look good. There's also a $50 bass expansion pack if I like the first 5, and it has about 30 amps/cabs.

The Novation is also geared towards guitarists, but Novation is less experienced in the field. It has around 20 effects (supposedly models of very high-end gear) and 5 guitar amp/cab models (none for bass). The advantage would be that the Novation is geared towards a variety of uses and has more hardware controls. I may want to get into DJing at some point, so it might be better for that.
the Line 6 looks pretty cool, and i am using the "Gearbox" software on my bands
Pod X Live. as mentioned is gives about 30 bass amp, and bass cab models, and they are decent effect models. if it was my money, however, i would be leaning toward something a little more versitile, that is not completely computer dedicated,
such as the Alesis MultiMix 8USB. it too, has on-board effects, but can be used as a
stand alone, mixing console. just a thought for brainstorming purposes.

Edit: the last price i saw on the Alesis unit was $149, btw.
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Yeah, I see the value in having something that can run standalone as well. The main issue becomes price--I really don't have more than, say, $200 to spend. On a somewhat related note, I do have a Yamaha UB-99B multi-effect that works all right. The computer-dedicated route seems to be the cheapest way to good-sounding modeling, though. And I've been thinking that I need an audio interface anyway because I'm using my integrated laptop sound for everything and it sounds terrible.

EDIT: I didn't look hard enough for the Alesis' price... It's $150 at musician's friend. The effects look less comprehensive and certainly less bass- and guitar-focused.
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