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didnt know what thread to put this in but yeah
Best live show you've ever been to?
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The White Stripes.

This, then Queens Of The Stoneage.

You'll Never Walk Alone
ooo shit...lets see, breaking benjamin was unbelievable, then again Sounds of the Underground was awesome 2 years ago, then there was All That Remains, and then there was the Human Abstract...fuck I don't know.
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buddy guy ftw.

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That, or being absolutely broke - though you always find money for cigarettes, then end up even more broke.

so true ^.
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what in the name of satanus is a bass?

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I think it's a type of fish.

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suicide silence, nile, the faceless bbkings in new york in march
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Gigantour, Bodom was ****ing awesome!!!


I really liked high on fire aswell.
Prog nation 08 last week, Opeth, Dream Theater, Between the Buried and me, and 3
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I Really Liked The White Stripes, though the best Was Accully when C'mon came through and played at a College with an Amazing local Ban Called Starred Opposite. And that was the best show ever. Though in 2 weeks i'm gointo see Bob Freakin' Dylan.


Starred Opoosite:
Like Ive said in the last 5 times this exact thread has been posted:

Little Feat
The Roots and Immortal Technique
Ruiner and Modern Life is War
Suicide Silence, August Burns Red, ETID
Arsis and The Showdown
Veil of Maya & Born of Osiris
Through the Eyes of the Dead
Streetlight Manifesto and the Suburban Legends
All that Remains
Summer Slaughter last year
Poison the Well
Say Anything and Biffy Clyro
Steve Vai
dont feel like thinking of more
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arch enemy are one of the best bands i've seen live
sonata arctica too
and the offspring

and prodigy
AFI, rancid and machine head were awesome too
Top lel.
One of three: Brant Bjork and the Bros, Mastodon (the third time I saw them) or High on Fire/Pelican.
I saw Behemoth alongside Dimmu Borgir awhile ago. Behemoth slayed Dimmu (not that they weren't awesome)!
The Mars Volta at the Phoenix theatre in Petaluma, California.

just them, for 2 1/2 hours, front and center.

I almost came just reminiscing
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Zappa Plays Zappa - Toronto, Hummingbird Centre '06 and '07 (only show(s) I've been to)
First time Steve Vai and Terry Bozio were there; they dropped and Ray White joined the second time.

I can't go this year because it's at some 19+ bar...
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Why would you spend tens of thousands of dollars to learn about a language you already speak? It was over before it even started dude

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brot pls
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Manchester Orchestra, seeing them live is a transcendental experience.

I thought they were pretty boring. Really good, but it kinda dragged in the middle of the set.
A local Sabbath tribute. At the end of this year the answer will probably be Chas'n'Dave or Motorhead, I'm going to see both but who will kick more arse?
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The Strokes. Hands down.

Man i bet that was a good show!

I'm going to bonaroo this summer, should be awesome hands down. But I haven't really been to any big shows.
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