So i just got my new valveking today and i loooove it. I play everything pretty much especially blues like john mayer, srv, and hendrix and some mewithout you kind of stuff as well. and it does everything even metal. I love it.

But of course now i am going to playing with friends/starting a band and stuff so i think it's time to build a pedalboard. So far i have a cheap blues overdrive that i think came from target haha. It's actually wonderful for a clean boost but not so great as far as overdrive. I also have a weeping demon wd7. it does it's purpose but wah isn't too important in my sound so i'm fine with it.

What i really would like is some sort of channel selecting pedal? they didn't have the pedal at the store i bought it at and on musician's friend it says it's discontinued. So is there something else i can get? or can i find that pedal somehow...
I also would like some sort of delay pedal. I'm thinking a dd-3 or a dd-7 but i'm not too sure. I also want the Ts9dx tubescreamer. but is there a cheaper alternative for what i play? i've heard of the bad monkey but can it do a little harder than blues?

and finally i was thinking either a compressor? or if there is anything else suggest it. Thanks in advance!