Well what stage of their music career do you want to sound like, might also help a bit to post your amp and guitar.
What album?

What Song?
Washburn D-12
Ibanez RG
Ibanez RG 7321
Epiphone Les Paul / EMG 81 85
Fender MIM Ash Stratocaster
Digitech Whammy
Small Stone Phaser
Boss SD-1-Modded
Boss MT-2-Modded
Boss CE-5
Boss DD-3-Modded
ISP Decimator
B-52 AT-212
doesnt matter what stage i just need something to work off of. I play an epi les paul through a fender frontman 15r.
that guys tone is everywhere, form very hard distorted, to great sounded fender cleans. and effects out the anus. your gonna need a better amp, and lots of pedals.