I am selling my gear!! I haven’t played for a few years now and I am looking to improve my ever shrinking closet space. The prices are flexible and reflect ballpark numbers for what I was able to find on the internet. I will meet half way for local pickup in the central New Jersey area. I will not ship the equipment. I can send better photos to anyone interested.

$500 – Fender Jazz Bass, Deluxe Series (Mexican). The pictured SKB hardshell molded case is included with the sale. I replaced the factory strap buttons with really good straplocks. I forget the brand, but I can say they were not cheap. I purchased the bass in 2000 from Guitar Center. I can provide the buyer with the original sales receipt. There are two very small blemishes which are shown on the photos. Otherwise, the bass is in excellent condition. It was stored under my bed in the case, flat, and without string tension for the last three years.

$250 – Peavey TNT (150w), 115s with a single 1x15 Sheffield. This is not the new 115s model. I purchased it in 1999 from a local music shop. This amp definitely gets the job done and is in perfect working order. It can handle gigs at a bar or nightclub with no prob. There are aftermarket caster style wheels on the bottom and a few scratches from the road.

$50 – Crate BX-15 practice amp (30w). Purchased in 1998 from a local music shop. Everything is in perfect working order.
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Anybody....hello....Anybody? :stickpoke Doesnt anybody wants to buy my gear? I would rather negotiate a lower price than give the stuff back to the music shop. Their trade-ins stink!
I think your prices are a bit high for used gear..... thats why you haven't had much takers

If you don't believe me offer those prices on ebay, see if you get any takers there.

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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
In addition to several comments here, I have received some feedback from other sources that my prices are to high. So, I will sell everything for $500. Any takers?
I will spit the gear up, make an offer!! I have the original music store receipt for the bass guitar.