yes guys....

is it too old or i'm just crappin' things out? i was told that leo did built one of his protype using an RCA tube amp as main guide... thought it was a fairy tale until i have this....

wanna sell this to somebody who loves vintage tube heads.. the power trans and output trans have been changed long2 time ago i guess. i wouldn't dare to switch it on as well.

50 watters, tube rectifier amp from the 40s to 50s era?...

selling for USD 750 only.

btw, i'm from malaysia, shipping can be arranged via DHL. roger me if interested.
call +6016 286 8245 or browndog2woof@gmail.com

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Quote by browndog2woof

selling for USD 750 only.

btw, i'm from malaysia

yeah, and i just hit the UK Lottery for 10 million pounds for the 10th time this year.
if you'd like i'll share it with you because i simply can't spend it all. just send me
$1000 usd so i can process a check for $1.5 mil

you joined like 40 minutes ago and are demanding $750 for a boat anchor........Fail

besides....thats an old pa amp
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If you are looking for vintage tube amp collectors you came to the wrong place! It probably sounds interesting seeing as some of the tubes in that thing are uber expensive to replace nowadays

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