I have a practicaly new bf-3 flanger, I paid $120 for it about a 6 months ago

its still in the box with all paper work included
it has the instructions, the maintenance/saftey notes and product registration papers

ive never gigged with it and i think ive only taken it out and played with it less than ten times. I just never had a use for a flanger.

i dont know how much to sell it for so shoot me an offer...

im currently looking for;

>humbucker sized high out put pickups(invaders, dirty fingers, sh-6, etc.)

>other pedals, (more metal or punk style)

>1/4inch cables! im in desprate need of cables for my guitar

EDIT: I need four knobs(vol/tone knobs) too so if you have any let me know


and im open to anything really, so if you have something you think i might want, let me know

I will consider all reasonable trades

thanks for looking

heres a link to MF, if you want to read reviews and more info on it;

>>>and heres a pic of mine

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