Will this work without frying something? I've noticed most attenuators have a line out jack, is it safe to plug headphones into that and not run a speaking or does the attenuator not take the full load?
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I've had the tiny ones in my mouth and accidentally swallowed a bit of the liquid, you should be all right.

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just dont get it in your eyes and wear gloves
I believe it's possible without frying something but.. since I'm not 100% sure I wouldn't recommend it..
I have not tried this...

But if there is a jack labeled "line out", this indicates that it was designed to be used as a line out. In other words, it should be safe to hook into equipment at "preamp" levels. This would include things like processors, mixers, and even headphones.

You should be safe.

Attenuator's take the incoming "hot" (loud) signal and "shrink" it down by dissipating the energy through heat; you should be safe doing this, though your att might get fairly hot.