I'm getting around $500 for working for my dad this summer, and I was thinking about getting a new guitar. If I go with another acoustic, I could sell my current one back to Melody Mart and get around another $100 to spend. Or I could get another electric for around $500. I'm not a big fan of strats or Les Pauls, so please don't post those.
Go to your store and play a PRS SE CUSTOM...

it looks better in real life... plays amazing.
If you like Blues/Rock then add me as a friend. I need to talk to some Blues/Rock Musicians and need reccomendations.
Epiphone Les paul standard i got the lp 100 which is the one below that one and mine is great so that one should be realy good
schecters are surprisingly nice for the price

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

George - If I see that guitar at Melody Mart, I'll try it out, otherwise I don't trust ordering expensive stuff like guitars online.

Photoguy - Did you even read my post? I said I didn't want a Les Paul.

Athlete - Thanks for the guitar brand recomendations.

Rounder - I'll be sure to try it out.
Jackson Dinky with a licensed Floyd Rose locking trem. Don't go for it if you have no idea how to restring a Floyd Rose though, then you'd be ****ed.
Some sort of Ibanez RG, just not one with an Edge III bridge.

The Epiphone Prophecy line is pretty good - they have SGs in that line (not only Les Pauls) if you like explorers also check out the Epiphone Futuras.
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