can you actually bathe with it? or does it just make bubbles and foam? i ask because i saw some at the store, and i know you cant bathe with magic bubble mix, or whatever its called. it burns.
Who cares? Bubble baths are awesome.

I haven't taken one in years though. I'm too tall for my meager tub ;_;
maybe your allergic to it? i used to take bubble baths all the time whe i was a kid....

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im not gonna lie, i was afraid this would get closed haha.

i too, am too tall for my tub. damn four foot tub...

edit: its not this that burns:

its this:

the stuff that goes in a bubble machine. DO NOT PUT THAT IN THE TUB.
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^^ OMG mr bubble! I remember him on the front of my bubble bath stuff! I miss the old days
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