Hey , I'm 16 and live out in eastern LI, East Hampton to be exact. I'm looking for people as far as Southampton to jam with and very possibly and hopefull get a project going with. I have me, a guitarist, and a vocalist friend. I'd love to meet a bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, whatever, to just jam and have fun, and if all goes well, start something up.
Genre is mainly alternative/indie, but I'm really just straight up rock, I love the full spectrum from classic to punk to surf, all rock. Blues is also something I dabble in. Not really any metal, and unfortuantely (though I wish I was more proficient in these, no country or jazz..). Like I said, I'm 16 and would be willing to meet with anyone as old as 20 if they are serious and fit our style.
Reply if you fit this criteria.
Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell
i'm 19. i live in central suffolk and im a bassist but im gone 9 months out of the year at school. i dont think i'd be a good fit but if you're really hell bent on jamming contact me through UG