i just go this guitar at musicians friends this weekend for $200
was it a good buy?
it was a blem item so thats y is was so cheap, but the only thing wrong with it was the nut was chipped and it made the high E string buzz a lil, but when u play a note with that string it doesnt buzz, so it kinda sucks with playing chords, but bar chords and lead play great on it. and it has a really diverse sound, from heavy screaming rock to warm bluesy tones. and i love the look of it, just looks so classic, i got the silver sparkle and i didnt think i would like it, but when i saw it, it just looked so good.
could i replace that nut? i think im goin to take it to my local music store and see what they can do with it.
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Yes the nut on your guitar can be replaced if your store does repairs like that. If they don't there are people who can.
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