can you use 6 in line tuners with a 3 X 3 headstock?... just curious because i am thinking of buying a new neck and my guitar currently has a strat like headstock and the neck im thinking about gettin is an SG/ Les Paul like neck and head.
this may sound very stupid and i apologize but...couldnt you just unscrew them on the strat neck and then screw them in on the gibson like neck?? (assuming the holes in the head are the same size)...is there really that big of a difference between 3 x 3 and 6 in line?
Well I suppose you might be able to... But they're gonna turn different ways, and the back of the headstock it'll be clearly visible that you used inline tuners (think about it, 3 will have to go upside down).

I'd just bite the bullet; you can get some really good grover tuners for like $40 I think (don't quote me on that) and those are really awesome.
Would they fit yes. One side of tuners would obviously be lopsided. And if you have another 3+3 guitar tuning could get confusing to remember one guitar has backwards tuners.
yes you can do this. but instead of the back of the head stock looking like:

b b b
p p p

it will look like:

d d d
p p p

edit: oh, and tuning machines turn both ways so there is technically no forwards or backwards. and you'll have to drill new mounting-screw holes on one side
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