i have the 6gb version. i've had it for about more than 2 years now. i wanted to add some new songs but it says the device won't let me add. i can delete songs fine and charge it. the only problem is that i cant add songs. it doenst have to do with authenticity or anything like that as i have my songs on the computer from cds. i tried adding songs before and after i updated the firmware yet no luck. i even synced it with the windows media player...now no songs on it anymore.

if anyone knows what the problem is, could you help me? if there is no way i can add songs again, will i have to wait until i get the Sony Walkman phone (which is like in two weeks but it doesnt come with a memory card i think..) that plays music? any serious help is much appreciated.

also is there a possible alternative if i want to own a different mp3 player e.g. the Zune that allows for me to use Windows and has a good amount of space? Thanks very much.

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well if you want a better alternative, go with the big names, like Zune and iPod

zunes are better quality in my opinion, but itunes and ipods are easier.
try using rhapsody to add stuff, if you dont have it is a streaming music program alot like musicmatch, and even if you dont subscribe you can get the player for free and add stuff with that. I have one too and I can only add stuff through Rhapsody or else it doesnt show up, I think they have some kinda crazy deal with em or something
Same happened to my first one. The memory is bad on your MP3 player. If you still have warrenty on it,you ca get a new one of equal value. I started off with a 1gb,it broke,and got a 2gb because it was of the same price by the time I traded it in.
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Can someone tell me what the hell is up with my Sansa mp3 player?

theres your problem right there

just kidding

idk, maybe its time to upgrade?
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time for a new one! DONT GET SANSA plz

i def will not.

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