RATM has been my fav been for a few years now I have been getting into watching more of their live videos recently and it looks like a siiiick show. They dont have tour dates out for US out yet but I want to see them more than anything in the world.

Anyone ever seen them? how was it 1-10
I saw them at the Big Day Out in January. It was hawt.
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I saw them when they toured in support of The Battle of Los Angeles. It was pretty fierce: a 10 for sure.
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I ****ing flew from Florida to New York to see them at Battle of the Bells, ****ing amazing show...15 out of 10..

Only thing I would complain about would be Timmy C sounds like a retard when he "sings" and New York sucks, I got robbed...haha

It was worth it. I almost died in the mosh pits.
my teacher went to like 3 shows
he has bootleg recordings of tom jammin out a 15 min long solo on bullet in the head

im freakin jealous.
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