Hello. This is my first post on UG. My situation is as follows : I have a Squier Affinity Strat with SSS config/pickguard. Everything's stock. I'm planning to buy new pots, and GFS pickups, a Mo' Joe humbucker and an HSS pickguard, but my dilema is whether or not a humbucker is going to fit into the bridge pickup slot. I'll admit to being lazy ( and since APs are coming up... and a gig to practice for...), so I haven't removed my pickguard and looked into it, but anywho, am I going to need to cut the body and drill new holes ( the singlecoil pickup right now is at an angle...) ?

Sorry for being a newb with the mechanics of the guitar. Thanks in advance for any help
Quote by Oldmonkeys
Most Squiers have a swimming pool rout under the pickguard, mine does and its an affinity so all you would need to do is change the pickguard and attach the pups to that

All the others I've seen modded have been pre-routed for HSH under the pickguard at the factory.