okay, no.1:

I've got a lp copy which is a bolt on, but at the base where the neck and body joins theres a bit of a pointy edge from the body. Do you reckon it'd be alright if i sanded it down? Im only asking because its near the bolt on plaque..and i just wanna be sure lol.

no.2: im getting a tokai flying v ( ) and i fancy putting a maestro style tremolo on it for a little vibrato ( im not bothered about dive bombs etc) so do you think that would be okay? looking on allparts.co.uk it looks like i need to drill a hole, which is a bit scary but shouldnt be a problem. Just wondering if you guys heard of any horror stories about installing them.

Thanks alot lads

edit: btw i think if i do put the tremolo in i'd get some locking tuners