Well, you can try the usual:
Smells like teen spirit, Nirvana
Polly by Nirvana
ATWA by System of a Down is very simple, just look for the standard EADGBe tunning
Wish you were here by Pink Floyd
Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)

but it also depends on whatever music you like.
Oh and check the begginner's forum.

You can look up links by yourself if you;re that eager to play, and use the search bar...
californication - chili peppers (cool, easy solo also)

Click here if you like the Washington Wizards
highway to hell---ac/dc
blitzkrieg bop----the ramones
southern girls ---cheap trick
come out and play---off spring
god of thunder---kiss
epiphone gothic lp
ibanez arc-300
epiphone traditional pro lp
vox ad100vht head.
vox cab
Alive by Pearl Jam. The outro solo kicksss.
-Fender American Deluxe Strat HSS
-Fender Twin Reverb '65 Reissue
-And all the fuzz a man needs
how about-
sweet child o' mine-guns n roses
fade to black- metallica

or smething more modern, like kyrptonite by 3 doors down, which is dead easy.