wait... what does the switch do??
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ah thnx apak this 2 way switch give access to 2 different tones: one very tight and one with extreme gain.and the maximum gain is also increased with this mod.
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Where abouts can you get DS-1s modded? I have one that i never use and want to know if i can get it modded.
i've got no idea about that 'coz i bought mine brandnew from an ebay dealer.sorry
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bump!!!! i will add cash to trade it for a mxr chorus or a boss ps-5 for sure
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Quote by fob12
What's the difference between default and modded DS 1?

the sound is quite different.this kind of mod give better bass response,more gain i think,and 2 tone to switch: one is very tight and one has extreme gain.in general it has more power than the stock.

@RabbitGuitarist: pm'd you
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